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GPX LightBack Ferrari F1 Edition

Exclusive Ferrari gamepad with built-in Light Feedback, speed gauges and Vibration Feedback!

Platforms :

PC / Xbox 360®

Ferrari look:

  • Matches the “nose” (Musetto) of the Ferrari F1
  • Signed by Fernando Alonso

Light Feedback:

  • Mini-sticks feature interactive backlighting, timed to coincide with events in your game
  • With On/Off switch

2 speed gauges:

  • 8 built-in LEDs let you display and apply acceleration and braking more precisely
  • With On/Off switch

Vibration Feedback:

  • 2 high-frequency vibration motors built into the handles

Ultra-precise mini-sticks clad in genuine rubber, with textured non-slip grip:

  • Optimized precision (2 times greater than that provided by other gamepads on the market)
  • 2 non-slip mini-sticks clad in textured rubber, for optimal handling and comfort

2 long, curved progressive triggers:

  • Optimized ergonomics for enhanced precision and control

1 cross-shaped D-pad:

  • Better precision in all 8 directions

1 “Xbox Guide/WINDOWS Live” button with 4 LEDs

1 built-in headset connector*

Compatible with Xbox 360® and PC


* Headset not included.


This product is manufactured under license from Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft, Kinect, Xbox, Xbox LIVE, Xbox 360, and the Xbox logos are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.